Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gap Jeans - Product Review

Let me just say...... having a baby changes your body! No matter how much you think "Oh, I am not going to gain any extra weight while pregnant" or "I am going to work out like crazy & lose the weight right away after he/she is born" or whatever you may have thought, it unfortunately doesn't always work out that way. At least it didn't for me. I am sure it has to do with my penchant for sweets, lack of motivation to make time to work out or any other number of reasons. But even with that aside, even if 15 months after the birth of my son I wasn't still 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, things still shift & move to different locations. I am convinced of this! I spent the first 14 months after having Myles trying to wear the same brands & sizes of jeans I did before him. And every time I got dressed, I was irritated with how I looked. It is very much my plan to lose the remaining weight, but I knew I needed clothes for now as well.
I asked around and many people told me "Gap Jeans" were the way to go. I had never really shopped at Gap. In my younger & pre-baby years I had worn jeans from Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Express. But after having Myles all those jeans gave me major muffin top, the lovely crack when bending over to pick up toys or pick up my little guy and that is just not the look I was going for. So for any of you wanting amazing looking & functioning jeans, without going for the "Mom Jeans" (complete with a 9 inch zipper!) I say go to Gap!!

These are the ones I bought:

And might I add, I love them all!
The Sexy Boot cut are the first pair I got and then on Black Friday I went and snatched up the other two pair. I have only worn the Sexy Boot cut & the Always Skinny so far.
The SBC I wore on Thanksgiving day, so I wore them sitting a lot. We had a 3 hour round trip car ride plus hanging out on Thanksgiving. I was in them probably about 9 hours & I must say nothing stretched weird, got baggy, no gaping (You know, in the back, at the waistband) and best of all NO MUFFIN TOP!!  I also wore them Friday & Saturday and they still were retaining great shape! I love them! The AS I only wore one day but they were awesome too! I love having a pair of skinny jeans to tuck into my tall boots in the fall & winter but having them be comfortable and also no muffin top!
So while they are not the cheapest you can find, they are in my opinion worth every dollar. SBC, LAL are both $59.50 and the AS were $69.50. Of course I got better deals being the savvy shopper that I am!

Giving blogging another attempt!

I was always a little sad that my first attempt at a blog did not take off. I stopped putting time & effort into it and as we all know, when you don't do that things suffer! I am deleting my Facebook the beginning of the year, so that will free up some time to work on a new blog. Why am I deleting my Facebook? Well, lots of reasons but one being I feel like since starting up with a Facebook page a few years ago, person to person interactions have dropped. I used to get phone calls, emails or letters from friends & family. They were actually purposefully in reaching out to me. I would also write, email & call people too. Now it seems with Facebook, no one has to contact anyone in a purposeful manner. You can just puruse pages and pages of friends info & stay up to date that way but not really making any effort. Yes, I got messages on there from time to time or a comment on my status, that isn't the point really. I want to be the start of change in the way we communicate and hopefully we can regain some of what we have lost in the way of communication. Have you noticed how even though we have a million more ways to communicate then we did in the past, people almost communicate (truly communicate) less! It is virtually impossible to gather RSVP's for events, which is crazy when people can call, text, Facebook, email, Tweet, or any other numbers of ways. They can do most all of this from their Smartphones, Tablets, IPads, Kindles, etc yet can't seem to take the time to do so. I think we need to slow down a little and re-kindle some of the more "Outdated" ways of communication.
Ok, I can get off my soapbox! But that is why I am no longer on Facebook. I started this blog however, to have a place to share thoughts & ideas and family updates with those who are interested in taking the time to check it out. I plan to add product reviews from time to time, parenting advice, etc.