Sunday, March 11, 2012

A "Hot" topic I have been wanting to write about

But it is so involved and long and causes so much controversy among people I have put it off. However, this is my blog and I have it for the purpose of sharing my thoughts on various subjects, mainly parenting issues and things to do with parenting so I am going to take the plunge and write a little on vaccines today. I have learned to not share my thoughts on vaccinations on our Facebook page any more as sadly I feel that people discriminate against those who haven't done the "regular" vaccination schedule or have not vaccinated at all.

Before I was pregnant I read a book where the author talked about vaccines and how she felt like her son's health and mental issues were caused by his vaccinations. The author got a lot of heat for writing the book and I am not even sure how reliable of a source she was, etc but the book got me to thinking. Which I feel is a good thing! Until then, I'd never given vaccinations a second thought. I probably would have just done the CDC schedule if I hadn't read it and thought "Maybe this is something I should research before blindly doing". Part of the reason I write this, is that anyone reading would be given a desire to research the subject before doing any vaccinations. You can always vaccinate, but you can't undo the vaccines you put in your child's body. Before you think I am one of those "Anti-Vax" parents, naive, or irresponsible hear me out. I am not anti-vax but I am against the current "One size fits all" approach given vaccines and a lot of the un-safe ingredients that are currently being used. Center for Disease Control website has lists of the ingredients, side effects and other info. They are "For" vaccinations and are a government website. I feel highly uncomfortable, giving a newborn baby any amount of Formaldehyde, Aluminum and things like that. Some of the DNA in vaccines originated from aborted human fetus's. That also makes me uncomfortable as someone who is 100% pro-life. The potential side effects from vaccinations are also something to look into. CDC states that infants with Eczema (as Myles had) can have adverse reactions to DTaP vaccine. SIDS is also a side effect of some vaccinations. Japan used to recommend that children not be giving the DTaP vaccine until the age of 2. When Japan was following that recommendation, instances of SIDS were a lot lower the when they were giving it to small infants. CDC does state they find no correlation between age of vaccination and SIDS but to me it is odd that the highest cases of SIDS are between 2-4 months and that is when children begin their primary course of vaccinations. Myles eczema didn't show up until he was 3 months old, if we'd done vaccinations on the regular schedule, he may have had adverse reactions. If you want to vaccinate, but feel uncomfortable (as you should in my opinion) with giving more the one vaccination at a time, there are alternate schedules out there. You can also delay some, skip some and make choices based on your research. And contrary to what many think, you can sign waivers and still send your children to school. Ohio has 3 exceptions you can sign currently. Religious reasons, medical reasons or philosophical reasons. I really do feel a lot of the current issues children are having are in part a result of the aggressive vaccination schedule. Look at this comparison of what amount children were given in the past vs the present
I hear so many people say "I was given all my vaccines, and I am fine" but a lot of those people were born either in the 80's or prior and look at the difference in what was being given! 
Check out this other graph below of instances of diseases and the percentage of people getting them that were vaccinated against them. 
Also the fact remains that measles were on the decline in the US before the vaccine was even created. Just food for thought. So many people vaccinate out of fear. Don't do it because the dr your child goes to tells you that you have to, because your friends or family tell you that you have to. Do or don't do it because you have done all your research and feel that it is what you should do. The research you do may lead you to delay some, to do selective vaccinations or to not vaccinate at all. Or you may do all your research and feel comfortable doing all according to the CDC schedule. But what I end this post with is Educate before you Vaccinate. 

Here are some things I read and found interesting: (his book has lists of ingredients and an alternate schedule)

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  1. Well I broke my own rule and posted some vaccination info on Facebook. Once again it caused a big debate among people, but I think debate (as long as it is friendly) is healthy and gets people thinking. Which is always good.